A towel is most important essential of the house. It is a piece of fabric or paper that is used for absorbing the water from the body. Towels are mainly used for drying and wiping purposes. It draws out the moisture from the body. After bathing, we often rub our body with towels and it absorbs the water from our body and makes it dry. Towels come in many fabrics like cotton, rayon, bamboo etc. Towels are available in the large variety of colours and designs. You can get thousands of option to choose the best for you. White bath towel is the most used towels people use. Light colours are the most selling colours in the market like white bath towels and light yellow towels. They are consumed most in the market worldwide.


Types of Towels:

Many kinds of Towels are available in different fabrics and sizes. Towels are designed for cleanup. There are all types of towels for different purposes. Size is an important factor about towels, they are available in many sizes like small towels, large towels, and extra large towels. Here are different types of towels that are commonly used by people for different purposes.

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Bath Towels

A bath towel is used for drying the wet body. It is mostly used after bathing or showering. A bath towel is the long rectangular piece of fabric that is specially designed to cover up the body to absorb the water from the body. Bath towels are available in many varieties. These towels are very soft and relaxing. The bath towels are mostly cotton towels. Visit here to get information about Solid Maroon Bath Towels.

Bath towels help us to remain clean and dry. A bath towel is very important essential of the house. To relax your body, buy the best quality of bath towel with the perfect size for yourself. The bath towels come in many colours, sizes, and designs. There are many beautiful bath towels that are available in the market. You can also buy any bath towel of your choice online. Colours that are mostly liked by people and available in the market are:

Bath towels are available in many sizes like baby bath towels, adult’s bath towels etc. The girl’s bath towels are available in large variety and range with different colours and patterns.  You can also buy the complete bath towel set from anywhere in the market.

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Plush Bath Towels

Plush bath towels are made of soft fabric. These towels are super soft, plush woven, thick and highly absorbent plush bath towels.

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They are available in a variety of trendy colours and patterns. Plush bath towels are useful at the time of bath, swimming pool and beach. These towels clean the body very softly. Plush bath teal towels are suitable for all people. Plush bath towels absorb water from the body and get it dry. You can buy the best plush bath towel from the market or online.

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Hand towels

Hand towels are very important part of daily essentials. They are used to wipe and dry the hands after washing hands. It is smaller than the bath towels, but work as same as it. A hand towel is used for drying the hands after washing them. They play a major role in our daily life.

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Our hands go through the tough and rough conditions daily so they need a special treatment, so buy the best and soft hand towels and not use your clothes for drying hands after washing. They come in many colour, textures, and fabrics. Choose good quality hand towels which are soft and comfortable.

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Terry Towels

There are various kinds of materials for Towels. Terry is one of the best ideal materials for towels. Cotton is the material in terrycloth. It includes rayon, linen or polyester. Terry towels have woven loops on its sides.

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These towels are extremely absorbent. They are soft and stretchy towels. Terry towels are used for drying body.  These luxury towels can be used at the beach, pool, spa, salon, post bath etc. Terry towels dry efficiently and quickly. These towels prevent the formation of bacteria. To get the information of luxury bath towels, check here Luxury Hotel Bath Towels.

Baby Towels

A baby towel is small towels specially designed for babies with a hood at one corner to cover the baby’s head. Baby towels are made with 100% organic cotton yarn. These are very soft baby towels. When it comes to choosing a towel for the baby you have to be very careful because baby loses the heat from the body easily after bathing. The hood at the one corner provides the extra heat to bay’s head and absorbs the water from the body. To get the details of newborn baby towel set, check here Beautiful newborn baby towel sets.

It is typically in the rectangular shape and covers the full body of the baby easily. There are many cute baby towels available on the market. We provide you here information for a baby hooded towel, newborn baby towels and newborn baby towel sets. Buy the best quality of towel for your baby. To know about the baby hooded towels and set, visit here Baby hooded towels and washcloth set.

Kids Towels

Kids Towels are the best towels for kids and toddlers. These towels are made of high-quality fabric. Kids towels are very soft, durable and absorbent. These towels can be used post bath, in the pool or on the beach. Kids towels are large enough to make a soft towel swaddle for kids and babies. These towels are able to wrap fully around the child. These kids towels are specially designed for kids, babies and toddlers with keeping in mind.

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Hooded Towels

Hooded Towels are ideal for kids and toddlers. These towels are not heavy for baby skin. Hooded Towels are durable and super absorbent. The little one will love the bath with this hooded towel. These hooded towels come in different unique and playful designs. To get the information of soft baby towels, check here Best soft baby towels hooded and washcloths.

Hooded towels provide a comfort and soft feel for the little one’s skin. These hooded towels are versatile for drying needs of a baby. Some hooded towels are free from toxins, chemicals, allergies and odour. Some towels are specially designed embroidered towels. Many options of hooded towels are available in the market.

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Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels are used for kitchen purpose. These towels are the versatile and important factor for every kitchen. These towels are tougher than the regular bath towel. Kitchen towels are capable of absorbing. They are used to wipe up spills, dry dishes, and dry hands, clean cutting boards and hold hot dishes or plates. Kitchen towels are used all over the kitchen. These towels are made of cotton. This makes them soft to absorb. These towels are durable with repeated washings and uses. Kitchen towels help you in getting the firm and safe grip on cold, warm, slipper or sharp dishes. They come in a variety of colours and patterns. Get here information about Best Kitchen Tea Towels.

Tea Towels

A Tea Towel is a soft cloth. It is made of cotton, linen or a combination of the both. Tea towels have a size similar to a hand towel. Tea towels are used in kitchen and homes all over the globe. A tea towel is used to cover warm baked goods and to keep leafy vegetables. Tea towels are soft-textured and a beautiful keepsake. To get the information of linen tea towels, check here Best Linen Tea Towels.

These Kitchen tea towels are used for drying dishes and saucepans. They are used to cover teapot for preventing heat loss. Tea towels are used to handle hot dishes. These Tea towels are available in different patterns and colours. Cotton tea towels are very useful for cleaning dishes. Linen tea towels are ideal for drying hands and dishes. These towels absorb moisture. Tea towels are available in many colours like grey tea towels, black tea towels etc. Get here details for terry tea towels.

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Paper Towels

A paper towel is a kind of disposal paper towel that can be disposed of after using it. It is made of paper and can only be used once. It a roll of paper rolled on a rod. They also come in many varieties like facial tissues, individual tissues, and folded tissues. Paper towels can be used in washrooms, kitchens to clean up the spills and stains on any object.  They are available in the market in many textures and varieties.

Disposal Towels

A disposal towel is a towel planned for a single user. This can be reused but not washed. A disposal towel can be used for cleaning face, wiping the sweat off from face and hands. This can be used for washroom purpose too.  A disposal towel is made of non-woven fibres. This towel is lightweight, cost-effective, reusable, durable, strong and highly absorbent. A disposal towel is small in size. It gets fit into purse and backpack. Disposal towels are popular for the hotel, hospital, salon and beauty industries. These places guarantee cleanliness and hygiene every time. These towels can be used in schools, travelling, camping and picnics.

Guest Towels

Guest towels are towels that are placed in the room of guests. The guest towel is set of two towels, a fingertip towel, and a bath towel. A fingertip towel is a small folded towel, the place near to sink in guest bedroom. And a bath towel is a towel to be used by the guest for bathing purpose. These towels are highly absorbent and will remain soft after multiple wash and dry cycles. They come in many colours and sizes.

Hotel Towels

Hotel towels are generally white in colour and made of 100% cotton. These towels can also be of the polyester and cotton blended threads. These cotton bath towels are most absorbent. The Hotel Towels consist of many towels like bath towels, hand towels, washcloths etc, which vary in size and weight. The hotel towels come in many sizes like large, medium, small and smallest towels. These towels are plush and absorbent and are more durable. The hotel towels are very fluffy and give you a luxurious feel. The hotel bath towels are made of pure cotton that can easily absorb the water from the body.  Hotels used luxury monogrammed bath towels for their guests. Get the details of Hotel Bath Towels green here.

Sports Towels

Sports towels are absorbent. These towels are made of unique microfiber material. They offer the ability for holding moisture and remain absorbent. Sports towels are durable. These towels are portable and handy. One of the most important factors for an athlete is the sports towel. This serves different purposes for different athletes. Sports towel is an essential thing in any sports bag. This towel can wipe the sweat off from the face, hands, forehead at the time of workouts, practice, and games. Sports towel is used to keep the workout equipment clean and dry. They are also known as workout towel or fitness towel.

Gym Towels

Gym towels are designed for the gym purpose. These towels are made of Cotton. They are large hand towel for providing versatility, absorbency, and optimal coverage. People can use these towels in bathroom, gym or post workout. It is suggested to use gym towels for wiping the sweat off face and body instead of using hands. Hands carry a lot of bacteria from contact with the shared gym equipment. Not using gym towels can lead to cause infection. Gym towels keep you clean and cool. They are used to minimize the spread of germs. These gym towels are highly absorbent and remain soft with repeated washes and dry cycles.

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Golf Towels

The golf towels are mainly designed for golf sports. It has super absorbent quality. The golf towel is served in the field of the golf and comes in wide range of varieties. Golf towels are made with polyester cotton yarn and other blended yarns. It comes in many different size and colours. They are good absorbent and help to make your skin dry easily.  They also come in vibrant colour and graphics.

Foot Towels

A foot towel is a small and rectangular towel. This towel is placed on the bathroom floor in the absence of a carpet, mat or rug. A foot towel is used to dry the feet on emerging from the bath or shower. Some of the popular foot towels have a specially designed under-surface. This helps in improving grip and makes use of this towel safer.

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Beach Towels

A beach towel is a little bit larger in comparison with a bath towel. This towel is generally used for drying off post being in the water. It has a chief purpose for providing a surface to lie. For getting information of baby beach towels, check here Baby hooded beach towels for boys and girls.

A beach towel can be used for changing clothes in a public area. This towel is useful in wiping sand off from the body. Beach towels have colourful patterns. Find the details about the cheap wholesale beach towels sale from our website. These towels are perfect for hospitality, tourist destinations and homeowners with pools.

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Salon Towels

Salon towels are perfect towels for the salon, pool, spa, gym etc. These towels are woven and super absorbent. Salon towels are reliable and efficient. These towels are easy to clean, retain moisture and remain vibrant. Salon towels have quality for drying and absorbing. These towels have thick loops that make the towel soft and absorb moisture. You can check details of spa towels on our website.

Fingertip Towels

A fingertip towel is a small-sized towel used to dry hands and fingertips easily and quickly. It is smaller than the hand towel. It can be used as a functional or decorative hand towel. You can keep it near the sink and hung up around the guest bathrooms. They are made of linen, linen is highly absorbent and soft fibre. It can also be used to dry up the silverware and china set as it does not mark any scratch on it. Apart from drying hand, fingertip towels can also be used in the kitchen as general utility towels like tea towels to dry up and clean the utensils.

Sanitary Towels

Sanitary towels are also known as sanitary napkins. It is an absorbent item that is worn by women in menstruating, any vaginal surgery or after abortion. It can absorb the flow of blood. They are disposal and can be only used once. A sanitary napkin is rectangular in shape with the absorbent lining to absorb the blood. The shape, absorbency, and lengths of sanitary towels may vary depending on the manufacturer. It comes in many sizes and shape according to different needs. They are made of cotton, rayon, and plastics.

Face Towels

Face towel is used to clean the hand and face. This towel is smaller than the hand towel. It can be used as the decorative towel. It is a small rectangular piece of absorbent cloth used to dry hands and face. A face towel is mostly used hanged in bathrooms and guest rooms.  They are made of cotton and soft fabric. Face towels come in many colours and designs.